this is a really basic typography tutorialRead More


this is a really basic typography tutorial

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how come you make such awesome typography? will give me some idea on to make one?

thank you! hi! I’ve tried making a tutorial so many times but it ends up just like these two, so I’ll just recommend these tutorials again. :)

I think it’s just choosing the right fonts and the right place to put the words. My most used fonts are Helvetica, Reboard, The Only Exception, Homestead and Cubano. 

Choosing the right colors adds a lot to the beauty of the poster too!  I like red and orange. I just like vintage colors yeah



My very first tutorial showing you how to convert a 2D image to a 3D image.

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Do you have a download link for KMPlayer? It would be a great help to me. I searched it on google but it all gave me movies and what-not.


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people asked me how to achieve the Hunger Games movie poster effect.. so I decided to make a tutorial for it. hope it helps (:

so the effect we’re talking is this. the text at the bottom is what people seem to have trouble with, so I’ll explain how to do that.

since I’ve been asked about it a lot, I’ll incorporate the “fading black” effect into this as well.

little extra explaining how to recreate the THG logo (for Catching Fire and Mockingjay logos for example).

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How to GIF on GIMP.

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Must Reads Tutorial

Ok. I understand that tutorial isn’t really that basic, here is how you do the must reads section, step by step.

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theme by polinomial. Yes, I know it’s a movie challenge, but you can pretend it’s a book challenge, too. So you change the year thing to the author of the book. :)

i want to know how do you use fonts in photoshop because i download them but they cant go to photoshop...

Have you installed them on the computer? I don’t know for other OS but here is how it is on windows

once you have downloaded the font, copy the file (.ttf or .otf)

go to local disk c://

open the ‘Windows’ folder.

open the ‘Fonts’ folder.


and wait a millisecond for the font to be installed. open photoshop and taada!